What we do 

We create financial models, data dashboards, business plans, pitch decks and other tools to help social enterprises, charities and impact investors, as well as other impactful organizations.

Whether you are creating a $1bn impact fund, or just ideating the next great start-up, we would love to help.

Our Services

Financial Models

We can build financial models from scratch for your idea, venture, social enterprise, impact fund or charity.

Pitch Decks

We can help visualize your plan in a pitch deck, investment memo or help write fundraising documents like grant proposals for your charity or social enterprise.

Data Dashboards

Working with business intelligence software, we can help bring out and create analytics from your large data sets.

Business Plans

We can help research, plan and write down a professional business plan for your social enterprise or investment.

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No Project Too Big Or Too Small

We have worked with idea-stage entrepreneurs who just want a critical friend, brainstorming and evaluating opportunities for their social entrepreneurs.

And we have worked with established investors and private equity firms, looking at large $100m+ deals or funds, who need a second set of eyes, or extra analyst resource to meet a tight deadline. 


If you have an established charity, social enterprise or impact fund or accelerator and you need some analyst support, feel free to reach out! 

Similarly, if you are working on an interesting charity or impactful idea, we would love to workshop it with you, and share our thoughts and take a stab at building a financial model or budget for you. 

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Who we are

  • We are Ina and Arvo, from Germany and Finland respectively. We have worked with family office investment firms, private equity firms and a variety of start-ups, entrepreneurs and property developers. Our experiences are in investment analysis, financial modelling, data dashboards, impact investment, real estate investments, and start-ups.
  • We have a passion for combining purpose with profit, and seek to work with impactful enterprises and investors.
  • Even though the core team is small, we occasionally bring in old friends, colleagues or freelancers to help out on larger assignments. If you’d like to work with us, let us know!  
Ina Koch

Ina Koch


  • Ina’s background is in impact investment, start-up support and financial analysis, working with Fair4Aall Finance, Virgin Start-Up. She originally worked in luxury hospitality, before transferring to private equity investment and then to impact investment, prior to launching Impact47.
  • Originally from Germany, Ina has a passion for football, reading and traveling.
  • Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship from London School of Economics
  • Certificate in ESG Investing from CFA Society UK
  • BBA in Hospitality Management with 1st Class from Hotelschool the Hague
Arvo Hartikainen

Arvo Hartikainen


  • Arvo’s background is as investment and asset management analyst at London & Cayman family office investment firms as well as consulting, with specific experience in hotel and real estate investments.
  • Originally from Finland, Arvo has lived in London for most of the past decade and has a passion for snorkeling.
  • Sustainable Finance & Investment from Yale Exec Education
  • MSc Real Estate from Kingston University London
  • BA in Tourism from University of Malta

Let’s Build Something Together

We are always interested to hear from impactful entrepreneurs, investors, charities and social enterprises. 

We are open to exploring co-investment and co-founding of interesting projects.


Why do I need a consulting service?

We have worked with investors and entrepreneurs, and sometimes great ideas are difficult to assess without a financial model, a pitch deck, or a theory of change. Having worked as investment and asset management analysts for family office investors, we can help communicate your idea, social enterprise or charity to others by adding professional financial modeling & data analysis to your venture.

Do you charge for the first meeting?

No, not at all. If you have an interesting idea, charity or social enterprise, get in touch. We are happy to share our thoughts on the project, on what we could do together, how we would approach your assignment, and how much it would cost.

How much does it cost to work with Impact47?

We are flexible; we can offer a fixed retainer, an hourly fee or project-based quotes. The quote will depend on the amount of work and time required, and we offer discounts and preferential rates to charities and impactful enterprises.

What are your payment terms?

For project-based work, for example a creation of a full financial model & pitch deck, we would aim for 25% to begin work, 50% on delivery of the first full draft, and 25% after we do any edits and amendments required. 

What sectors do you specialize in?

Our backgrounds are primarily in hotel and real estate investment, as well as venture capital looking into early-stage tech company investments. We have worked on projects in affordable housing, affordable credit, co-living and co-ownership of real estate, build-to-rent, build-to-sell, food halls, sustainable eco-hotels, hostels, film studio investments, homestays, restaurants, and we have supported hospitality and literature charities. We have a passion for impact investing and conservation finance, and are particularly seeking to work on blue finance and impact finance projects.

Client Testimonials

Ina was really amazing and helped us see the big picture in annotating our finances. She is great at analyzing all the lines of accounting and providing a best recommendation.

CFO Service for a Microfinance Charity working in Namibia

Attentive, supportive and truly cared about the work we do, as well as the impact we’re making. Made important suggestions and recommendations that steered us in the right direction as a company

Business Model Review, Financial Model & Theory of Change for a UK Social Enterprise

Collaborating with Arvo was truly fantastic. His immense passion for his work led to the generation of numerous innovative ideas and solutions for the project. I highly recommend partnering with him; his involvement will undoubtedly take your project to new heights!

Financial Model, Business & Impact Planning for a Co-Living Startup

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